The continuous technological innovation is one of the keys of the LA.FER.AL. success.

The technical staff, highly skilled, together with our managerial staff, capable and careful to changing markets, placed our company among the industry leaders in Umbria and in the world, allowing also the possibility to evaluate any kind of collaboration, personalization and works made to measure.


The best solutions for your business

LA.FER.AL. was founded in 1979 in a still underdeveloped center, launching an activity which was already advanced at that time: working laminates in general (cutting, punching, bending, welding and cleaning), specifically in the kitchen hoods field.

Over the years LA.FER.AL, that was born as a pure family company, changed to a totally different condition which has led the company to change its name (from SNC to SRL) and to increase a lot the number of employees working there.

The thirty years' experience accumulated by managers and staff, formed directly inside, allows to do some works of considerable level achieving a very high quality product.

The type of work, as shown above, allows to realize all the necessary working phases.

By technical drawing or specification, the company is able to produce any article. As a matter of fact, thanks to this growth, today the company works and satisfies the requirements of more 'of a company, but its potential is able to increase the number of customers.

The LA.FER.AL. Ltd. is also located on the border with the region of Marche, a key road junction for transport and industrial development that will be enhanced with the completion of the new road axis Perugia-Ancona.


LA.FE.RAL. s.r.l.   Zona Industriale - Via della cartiera, 4 - S.S.219 - Fossato di Vico (PG) - Tel.+39 075 91.98.72 - Fax. 

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