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Cleaning and Satinizing


Cleaning, Satin Finishing, and Polishing

Cleaning is a necessary process to remove all the processing residues that occur on materials, starting from iron and extending to stainless steel

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Polishing stainless steel or other AISI materials isn’t solely driven by aesthetic choices; making them shinier and brighter is also a method to enhance their resistance to chemical agents.

Satin finishing is highly sought after for aesthetic purposes in design because highly reflective surfaces, in the long run, might become tiring. Satin finish allows for an elegant, matte effect that resists fingerprints, highly appreciated in both interior and exterior décor.

To achieve all this, we’ve established a complete department equipped with machinery capable of treating various materials: brushes, grinders, fixed and mobile belts, along with equipment for satin finishing and polishing stainless steel and AISI materials


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