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Chi siamo

Welcome to La.Fer.Al. s.r.l.

We are experts in metalworking

LA.FER.AL. was established in 1979 in a working center that was still relatively underdeveloped, starting a production activity that was already avant-garde at that time: processing various laminates (cutting, shearing, bending, welding, and cleaning), specializing in the creation of kitchen extraction hoods

Over the years, from being established and managed purely as a family business with only a few employees, it changed to a totally different condition: in fact, in addition to a corporate transformation (from Snc to Srl), the company boasts three times as many employees as before.
The extensive 30 years of experience accumulated by the managers and staff, trained directly in-house, enables them to carry out work at a considerable level.

Best Quality

We have completed and achieved ISO 9001 Quality Certification


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